Friday, December 16, 2005

I've got the joy!.!.!

I am sure many of us are sighing in relief to know that some Republicans joined the Dems in filibustering provisions of the un-patriot act. I know I am along with singing prayers of thanksgiving. I am guessing the news that mr bush giving an executive order allowing the NSA to spy on us without warrants gave many, Republicans and otherwise, pause in their pursuit of the shredding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I also had an interesting day with my son. We were in heavy traffic after I picked him up from school so I turned on the radio hoping for a traffic report that would give me a better route. The radio was tuned to Air America and Randy Rhodes was on. I went to change it to find a traffic report when my son started to throw a fit - apparently he decided he loves Randy. So we listen to it and head on (at 15mph avg.) and stop at Trader Joe's on the way home. While we were listening, Randy played a clip of Sen. Byrd's speech in congress today - it was inspiring, and I would imagine convinced some Republicans to reconsider their position. So we get to Trader Joe's, get our stuff and go to the check-out. When we get up to the counter the woman ringing us up asks my son how he's doing and he says he is really happy. When she asks him why he says; "that old bird man saved us from those damn republicans today." The look on her face (and a few others) was priceless. When the guy running the lane next to hers asked him where he heard about that he replied, "I heard it on Randy's show - I love Randy." I give him points for asking, "Randy Rhodes?"

Later, as we are finishing our books in bed time, we do our hugs and kisses - then we pray. We prayed for our friends and family and everyone else we love and the boy finishes with; "And thank you Lord, for saving us from those damn republicants, can you help us with those democats next Lord? Amen. . .

The moral of the story is - even at just under 4 - your kids pick up a lot more than you realize. I said nothing bad about the "democats" - today. For that matter I mentioned how much I appreciated the decision making of some republicants as well. But we do occasional have some interesting political discussions - more often than not me complaining about the state (or lack thereof) of democracy in this country.


Beth said...

Oh my gosh, that story about your son is precious, DuWayne! I hope that keeps a smile on your face for a long time!!

I'm sure that the NSA spy story coming out it what affected the Patriot Act vote. I wouldn't be surprised if the timing of the story breaking wasn't planned, either. I do appreciate the media being the watchdog on such matters as long as they are being accurate and not rushing to get a story out first instead of having it be accurate. Time will tell if this story is the whole story or not.

SB Gypsy said...

Hey DuWayne!

"The old Bird Man" How incredibly cute, and accurate too. ...from the mouths of babes..