Sunday, December 18, 2005

For the record I am not a democrat - though I am pretty angry. . .

I just read mr bush's speech from this afternoon. He gave a lot of rhetoric, though to his credit he apparently cleared his desk and stared into the camera, and the gist was that anyone who disagrees with the war is an angry dem. . .I'm not a democrat. I am quite irritated with the dems too. I just tend to rant more about the republican'ts because they are the ones currently screwing up our country. The only conccesion I will make to the dems was they didn't try to take away so many of our rights as the right did. They didn't screw up our economy quite the way the right has. And they at least talk the talk about health care - something I lack unless I do it myself. The right just seems to give a big F*** YOU!!!

I cannot begin to understand it. A so called culture of life that glories in the death and destruction of civilian populations, that executes prisoners for heinous crimes - even though they might, just might be killing an innocent so they can have revenge. They deny millions of men, women and even children healthcare or a means to get healthcare and tell them it's their own fault. They cut off food subsidies to the poor while they give corporations multi-billion dollar tax breaks and even give our tax dollars to bail corporations. They tell us they love education while they cut those budgets to shreds. They allow over 6,000 US citizens to remain unaccounted for 3 months after a horrendous natural catastrophe, including many children.

This is not a culture of life - this is a culture of death. They revel in it, they love it, they friggin worship it. Death and human suffering, as long as it belongs to someone else - is owned by someone else and their insular lives are protected from it's remotest presence they are just fine. Take care of each other and pat each others asses - or at least their wallets with our money and screw everyone else. They can starve and burn with fever because they do not matter.

I have not seen a doctor in two years, I can't complain too much, am bright enough that I should have a job that would allow that. My problem now is that if things get much worse, I could soon be saying the same about my son, just shy of four. Millions of children in this country go without healthcare already and that is going to grow if this "culture of death" isn't stopped.

It Is Time To Take Democracy Back, Before We Die. . .

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SB Gypsy said...

...and I could not reconcile that with their anti abortion stance, until I realized that if all those children were born, then they would have that many more young people with no hope to send to war.