Saturday, April 30, 2005

And still they die in Darfur

Imagine, being betrayed by your own government. Imagine, fearing your children will be raped to death. Imagine, starving and trying to find water that hasn't been poisoned. Imagine, waiting to die of diseases preventable and treatable.

That is what millions (if there are that many left alive) are experiencing right now while I sit here enjoying my coffee and a delightful afternoon of comments and opinions on a number of blogs. I truly cannot understand why we let this continue. Oh to be sure there are a number of plans, resolutions and great ideas that have amounted to nothing more than retribution from the janjaweed militias and more death. For more than two years and over four hundred thousand dead this atrocity has continued and by all appearances it will continue until there is no one left to kill. There is no such thing as a culture of life in a society who swore this would never happen again and yet has allowed it in Darfur, in Rwanda and in the hearts of those who could stop it but choose instead to hope it just goes away.

Shame, shame on us who call humans superior to "lower mammals," I dare say no other creature on this planet would ever engage in something as obscene as what us humans are capable.

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We live in scary times. Or maybe all times have been scary. After all, it happened in Rwanda and nothing was done to stop it. I find it incredibly depressing that none of the institutions I grew up believing in actually exist. The church I grew up in was rife with hypocrisy, the America I learned about in school doesn't exist. Instead the ownership class has taken the religious right in tow and decided that they would convince them to go against every tenet of the bible. The religious right has been duped into promoting a society that is the antithesis of biblical principal. They claim some "culture of life" and yet they deny health care to an increasing number of Americans, they lower the prevailing wage (it doesn't keep up with inflation} and they let all these people fucking die. They allow fucking obscene atrocities that have made my insomnia worse by far than it has ever been because I can't help thinking, while I lay there trying to sleep in my relatively comfortable bed, that RIGHT FUCKING NOW there are countless lives contemplating their demise at the hands of their own government.

I've always been the optimist, believing, or choosing to believe that humanity can grow out of this. But lately I really wonder. How can we be here in these times, in this place and say ah, I can see the way for humans to evolve and grow as a race.

I weep. I weep for my son who inherits this damned earth. I weep for the children of Darfur who inherit nothing, instead to die, to die in horror so obscene it literally hurts just to imagine. Fucking children for christ sake. I weep for me as I try to make sense of a world gone mad with the expansion of my own awareness. I weep for the mothers and fathers of Darfur, the helpless fear, anger, horror of watching their children and partners die along side them. I weep for a human race that would allow this to happen over and over again.

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Elayne said...

"I truly cannot understand why we let this continue." Because "we," the people with compassion about the situation, don't have the power to affect it. "They," the people with the power, don't care about the situation, or any situation that does not enrich them and reinforce their power.