Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tall Monkeys, what is he dreaming about

I really am quite curious what my three year old son dreams about. He just woke up and when I went to his room he downed a cup of water, then he looks at the cieling and says; How did those monkeys get so tall like that? Then he giggles (borderline maniacly) and says; Thats funny isnt it? he then fell asleep immedieatly after the second statement.

Yesterday he told his mama he was putting his privelages away in the 'frigater.

My son his mama and I live in a small section of a township that is seperated from the rest of the township by 13 miles of the city our township is derivative of. Meaning we live in a virtual cop free zone. This in turn means we have a large homeless population hanging out in our nieghborhood. When my son was 29 months old he befriended some of our homeless nieghbors who hang out in the park near our house. His initial reaction was to invite them to live in our basement. Our new friends and I quickly explained that this would not be possible and they made it clear that while they appreciated his sharing our picnic with them they all had various places to sleep and would be just fine. This seemed to satisfy him until winter set in, he was absolutly horrified that his friends might be sleeping outside in the snowing blowing cold. He had an unholy fit when I had to tell him we still could not invite our homeless friends to live in our basement. It was hard not to cry with him.

My son does not fully comprehend the meaning of the word privalage but he does understand what his privalages are. (he really dosnt like losing them) He also understands that having a roof over his head and food to eat are also privaleges, ones that not everyone has. I am indescribably proud that my son wants to share his privelages with everyone.

I have (by choice) been homeless. I dropped out of high school for what were good reasons at the time. I have made a number of very foolish choices. I am now attempting to dig myself out of the consequences of those choices, something I never intended to do before I inadvertantly procreated. Were it not for my son I would be dying of youthfull idealism and like as not homeless again.

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