Friday, April 01, 2005

I often find myself embarrassed to be human

I have just read U.N. Security Council resolution 1593 which refers prosecution of the "situation" in the Darfur region of Sudan to the ICC (International Criminal Court). As if referring to genocide as a "situation" wasn't bad enough the council "5. Also emphasizes the need to promote healing and reconciliation and encourages in this respect the creation of institutions, involving all sectors of Sudanese society." Anyone for kum ba yah round the campfire. Oh and their imposing sanctions, but they won't hit 'em where it really hurts because China wants Sudanese oil.

I would feel better about the Bush regime's agreement to the use of the ICC were it not for Condi's comment last week that the genocide in Darfur is "really just a horrible situation." To me it seems 300,000 dead http://www.motherjones,com/mojoblog/index.html#87 would warrant a really, really horrible coming from a member of the "culture of life." A frightening aside to this is that this is in fact the same Condoleezza Rice who may very well run on the republican presidential ballet in '08.

The people of the Darfur region of Sudan have been slaughtered and starved, there are fields so littered with human remains they cannot be traversed without crushing bones beneath ones feet. Little girls are often raped to death. Imagine this, the horror, the utter abject terror that marks the end of these precious young lives. I would apologize if I've given you a sleepless night or two but while you lay awake tonight, while your eating dinner, while your playing with your children, (if you have any) while your worrying about your bills, there are hundreds of thousands of families in Darfur who are worried about getting a little more food before they starve to death or are raped and murdered.

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