Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bush / Dean?

Eric Seymour at In The Angora makes a good (if rather snide) point about Howard Dean's stupid impression of Rush Limbaugh snorting cocaine while speaking at a fundraiser for the ACLU in MN last wednsday. He is even quoted as admitting he's not very dignified. Then in the comments someone who seemed to be trying to defend Dean brought up a stupid comment that Bush had made at one point, I really wouldn't call it smart to defend somone with a Bush comparison but hey let's go with it.

The best way to compare Bush and Dean for me is that neither seems to know when to keep there mouth shut. Although Dean doesn't seem quite as stupid as Bush every time he says something unscripted I don't think either man is really qualified for their current positions. I won't go into the legion of other reasons Bush in unqualified to be the U.S. president as it's not the appropriate venue.

People in important representative positions don't have the luxury putting their emotions ahead of their responsibilities. They need to watch every word that comes out of their mouth, those they represent are judged by their words. Bush, who claims to represent the American people, lacks even a semblance of eloquence. He also seems to be inexcusably uninformed. While Dean's style and demeanor would be more appropriate to an old fashioned tent revival than a major representative of the democratic party. And his sophomoric drug poke at Limbaugh only drop him down to Limbaughs level.

Personally I like to rant. It kind of makes me feel good. But of course I'm just a high school drop out who works in construction. I'm neither liberal nor conservative, (I doubt I'll really bring down the staunchly moderates)I'm not a republicrat, in fact I represent nobody but myself so it's ok for me to rant. It's even ok for me to say Rush is a juvenile, simian jackass with no redeeming qualities. It reflects on me and me alone. Anyone who represents others on the other hand has a responsibility to consider those they represent every time they open their mouths especial in public. At that both Bush and Dean fail miserably.

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