Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rather like I feel when I go for my "surreal hours walks"

My surreal, paranoid time is especialy dark now as I am fourty-six hours without sleep again. I sit alone at four am melancholy voices singing with mine, mine with them. I can hear an angel telling me, I just have to believe.

I can feel a lover leaving me, find my simple peace. I tried again to remember, just what is believing for. I tried again to tell myself, open up another door.

My mind wanders past my own distress, out into the world of men. My fragile psychy shatters agianst the wieght, now I put it back together again.

Just try to convince me, everything will be all right. The masters of my solitude, building bigger castles inside.

Shouting out for freedom, from the tyranny of mind. Crying in the desert, for the justices of time.

The simple peace that follows, the simple love that fills my life. Beaten down and broken, from these ashes I arise.

Here is where I ended up. . . . .


beth said...

I sincerely hope by this time, you have found the inner peace you need to rest your mind, body and spirit. John 14 begins with Jesus saying, "Do not let your hearts be troubled." He was saying this to reassure his disciples as He knew that He himself was about to suffer and die!

Peace to you!

oldwhitelady said...

Hey Treban - There are worse places to end up:)

Hope you get some sleep.