Tuesday, May 31, 2005

talk about no sleep

Sorry I havn't been here lately, I literaly have gone from 2.5 hrs of sleep
in 24 to about 2.5 in 48. i don't have a computer at home and I won't until I get
to Portland. Ultimately I don't have time to use it anyway.

I don't know why I get stressed anymore, I know it's all going to
work, it's just all to often unclear how it will. But when I look at the situation
objectively, considering I hover a little below the poverty level, it actually looks
good. My three year old Caleb, loves his mama's new housemate and recently went
on a picnic with my new house mate and while he thinks my roomies great, his mama
was annoyed by him. (the best of both worlds) Also, my place is 1/2 a mile from
my ex's place and ironicly I will be living on MI ave. (I'm moving from MI)

I had hawked my power tools because they were getting really warn and wern't worth
hauling ouit there. Then a friend of mine wanted me to remodel his bathroom, literaly
at the last minute, and I made a deal with him to get new of the power tools most
critical to my kind of work on his 12 month intrest free home depot card. I will
have the money I need to get there and the abilty to do jobs on my own when I get
there. Being able to do jobs on my own may be important since I have been told
by four remodelers that I am overqualified for their needs at this time. Apperently
i'm not enough of a fucking hack for them.

So I leave on Saturday morning, possibly Friday night. I will be driving straight through to the mountains. I plan on taking a nap before I traverse the mountains and hope that will be it. If need be I will sleep more than that (road safety and all that) but I havn't seen Cay in two weeks and it will be nearly three weeks by the time I get there. I'm going into baby (big boy, sorry cay) withdrawl in a big way and Cays going through papa withdrawl so I need to get there quickly.

Hope to get here again before I go, later all.

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Beth said...

I pray that you find rest before your move, joy in your new home, and hope always.