Wednesday, May 18, 2005

On Nova Last night.

It actually was a rather interesting eve. When I turned on the tube I watched NOVA. The topic for the evening was when man actualy made it to the Americas. It has been commonly belived that man didn't make it here until the end of the last ice age about twelve thousand years ago. It seems more and more likely that humans were here as far back as thirty thousand years ago.

Coupled with the recent discovery on a Pacific island, of the remains of a "new" subgroup humanoid, I am getting more and more giddy with excitement at what the future holds for us to discover about the past. I am interested to see what might arise from the mists of time to amaze us about our ancesters.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that whole business about Clovis First. I remember seeing something about the Kennewick Man. The NYT made a big deal about one of the scientists saying that he was European. Turns out he said that Kennewick Man had some European features but he would not have called him European. He just had a greater resemblance to European than to any other group.

I guess I am not surprised to find out that the truth is more complex than we thought, but it still is cool.

Anonymous said...

John Lillpop takes it in the mouth.