Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Due to lack of computer at home, I also watched Law and Order, you know one of the spinoffs.

The topics that Law and Order choose to cover sometimes manage to impress me. Even if I disagree with the stance of the writer I give them credit for bringing it up. Last night they really got into it with to very conteraversial episodes in a row. The first brought up end of life issues and the second brought up our broken system of organ donation.

Suicide is a very ugly word and nobody likes to think about or talk about it. When they do, they talk about how horrible it is and how we have to stop it, save people from themselves. There are places where one can be arrested (for there own safety) for attempting to commit suicide. No matter where you are, it is a crime to assist someone with ending there life. In Oregon at least you can now get a prescription for suicide pills, but still no one can aid you in quest to die even there.

I belive in giving people the choice to die when and how they might wish. I belive suicide rates would drop even further if instead of hiding the wish to die for fear of being restricted from that option, they felt comfortable going to someone who would provide counseling and support in deciding if this is really what a person wants to do. If by some chance they decide they still wish to end it they should then be afforded the support and help they might need to end their life comfortably and with dignity.

I do not believe that anyperson should be compelled or pushed into killing themselves. I believe that those who would manipulate anyone into killing themselves should be vigorously prosecuted for murder. I do not belive that someone should be euathanized because they are disabled unless they specify or have previously specified they would not wish to survive some catastrophic trauma. I would like to be euathanized in the event that certain things may happen to my body and brain. I would like to be put out with dignity, not starved or left to drown in my own blood and vomit. I would like an injection of sodium morphate and left to sleep without waking. But in this country that would be illegal.

People cry that this would lead down a slippery slope to involuntary euathanization. Give me a fucking break. I don't hear anyone calling for extermination centers except a few crackpot wingnuts. No rational person wants to kill off the disabled, murder the elderly or infirm. Some of us just want the option of a death of our choosing with dignity. Understand, I am 29 years old and resonably healthy. I don't forsee this being a problem for several years yet, barring an unfortunate accident. I would just like to live to see the day that I am allowed to die the death of my choosing at the time of my choosing.

The other topic on L & O was our broken system of organ donation. But I am out of time on the cafe' computer so it will have to wait.

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Erik said...

We agree here on everything except two points:

First, I believe involuntary euthanasia is moral in some circumstances such as a mortally wounded soldier on a battlefield or an infant with Tay-Sachs Disease.

Secondly, I think there ought to be restrictions on reasons a physician is legally allowed to assist suicide: for instance, situational depression from a bad divorce may cause some people to seek death ... I suppose this example would be one of the few times I would agree that "government knows best". Although a competent doctor would not assist in such a circumstance, there would be cases where for whatever reason a doctor would not be thinking clearly. Like if she was the patients husband!