Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Revelations on a Near Daily Basis

And yet another from The Heretik Joe Ivory Mattingly. More memos more reports and what do we get? Nothing. Except maybe it is something. I just got an e-mail from Shakes sis that nearly half a million have signed congressman Conyers' letter to Bush demanding answers to the questions raised/confirmed by the Downing Street memo. Commercial media is really starting to pick up on this as well. When I was going through Nebraska I read a local paper during dinner and they mentioned the D S memo. Local new here in Portland is giving updates on what is happening with it and it seems the word is spreading even to the reddest of states.

One thing I have learned about middle America is that even though they vote Republican most of the time, they hate being lied to. And when the lies kill off their patriotic children they hate it even more. Yes, it takes a lot to get through to most repugs but when they get bombarded with facts only the thickest don't get it. Throughout my journey I ate at a lot of small town diners and overheard and joined a lot of conversations in which die-hard Bushites were really getting pissed about Dubbya's bullshit. More and more people are getting angry that we are in a new Vietnam who's justifications and spin are floundering out of control.

The reason for this is right here. Not to many folks read my blog but a lot of blogs many with a much wider readership are out there and they are taking on the topics the commercial media avoids and they are forcing them to put out the truth. With Dark Wraith's Blog Scream and The Big Brass Alliance to name just two many voices are joined together and they are getting louder. A chorus that is so loud that people are having to listen. This is our America too and we will not sit idle while the government refuses to represent the masses and only holds for the few special interests. With rallies and protests and hours in front of the computers we will continue to shout for our rights, we will cry out for the downtrodden and the dead and we will not be silenced by threats and intimidation. This is our America too and I for one will not shut up until we all enjoy equality in government and society.


Beth said...

Yes, blogs are great, but still inherently biased.

PeterofLoneTree said...

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