Sunday, June 12, 2005

I have been and am very busy getting settled into Portland

But I am loving it. I have a great roomate (Craig) that I get along with. It's more cooperative than not which is good. I just don't do well with this is mine that's your's neither the twain shall meet kinda bullshit. Caleb loves Craig and his boyfriend Daniel. I also am 90% sure I got a great new job, I find out for sure tomorrow. I have already visited with my old drummer and his wife and daughter. Cay really hit it off with their daughter whos four and wanted to stay and play when it was time to go home. The Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous and I am looking forward to going climbing as soon as possible. I am trying to pick up some side work because even if I got the job I'm about a month away from a paycheck with $50 to my name. It'll all work out though, there are a lot of oppertunities on craigslist so I'm not to worried. C-l has gotten me a job and great roomie so far, so I am confident it will get me even more. I will try and post more often and will be getting back to politics more often than I have lately. I am grateful for the e-mails and comments and support I have gotten from many of you. It has made a difficult situation a little less stressful knowing some of you, whom I've never and probably never will meet in person, actually care about me.

Thank you all,
Treban R. Lukes

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Beth said...

Treban, I'm glad to see that things in Portland look so promising! I still feel bad that you are Traumatized by Truth, I thought that the truth shall set us free (I'm not sure if that's Biblical or not, Erik would know).

Good luck on that job!!