Monday, June 06, 2005

I am 1,500 miles along 875 left

Good god is this expensive. Twenty cents a minute. And the keyboard is steel - I'm serious. I have gotten great milage and the trip has been mostly uneventful. I did have some issues with the psycho drivers around Chicago but it was getting late when I went through so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I did run into stopped traffic on I-80 in Iowa. We were stuck for 2.5 hours. A semi had crossed the median (not sure how-it was a steep ditch) and looked like it had landed on top of a car. I wasn't to cranky about it as I am assuming they were trying to save lives. The people/person in the front of the car couldn't have survived, but if there were passengers in the back they might have survived. The semi had a hole in the windshield about the right size for a person to have flown through so they may have saved the driver. All in all a shitty accident by appearances when we finally passed it.

My ex's cat, who traditionally hates vehicles seems to have adjusted quite well, it may just be because I am giving her more attention than she has ha in weeks. I ended up with enough room to put even the futons inside and i still have enough room to stretch out inside. All in all it has gone well thus far.

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