Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today - I celebrate

What a way to start the day. . . Tom DeLay indicted. The gop is sinking in it's squalor. Now I can hope and pray that Americans will wake up and decide enough is enough - we must defeat or at least marginalize the republicratic regime that has controled this nation for nearly a century. We need a true and real democracy. With around four billion Americans it should be obvious that two political parties will never be able to represent all of us in a satisfactory manner. This is not democracy - it is voting against the one you dislike the most.

People argue that having so many voices in congress would slow down legislation - I say good idea, these are decisions that effect billions of people - should they be made on the fly? Absolutely not. We got the patriot act on the fly. We got thew war in Iraq on the fly. We did not get a critical reaction to a major natural disaster on the fly. This is because our government has it's priorities screwed up in a major way. They think it should be quick and easy to obscond with liberties it took us 200 years and countless lives to achive but they cannot protect their "constituents" as well as many monarchs in the past would protect their subjects. Hell, there are developing nations that take better care of their people than the "greatest nation in the world."

One might then argue, but this all happened on the Republican'ts watch, the democrats would have done better. I geuss I will admit that Clinton's anti-terrorism bill was less prohibitive that the patriot act but it was still an unforgivable attempt to take away our liberties. And hey, theyt got us a budget surplus, of course instead of really cutting out the pork and graft they just taxed us more. Don't get me wrong, the dems are preferable to the repugs but the truth is we need a real democracy not corporate government.

No government is going to be perfect. Problems will abound no matter who is in charge but if we can grow out of the republicratic form of government we now support a true expieriment in democracy could begin.


Beth said...

First of all, DuWayne, let me say that I find it troublesome that you should use the term "celebrate" to describe your reaction to another human being's failings.

Secondly, there are so many problems with our political system that I don't think that it is because of two parties that we are in the predicament. And aren't you by "celebrating" the faults of the party you generally oppose, isn't that adding fuel to the fire of division that we see in our political two party syatem anyhow??

No, I think the problem is that the only way people can get elected to high office is to have major funding from the high rollers, whether it be the oil industry or the George Soros type funding, anyone who gets in office today suddenly has some major backs to scratch, and that my friend, is where the problems today lie.

DuWayne Brayton said...

About Tom DeLay - it is not that I am happy with his personal misfortune - I am happy about what that means for the body politic. Believe me when I say I loathe the dems just as much. They just usually vote for things I agree with more than republican'ts do. I am not keen on republicrats from either side of the isle. I believe in democracy - not the two party system - they are mutualy exclusive entities. I celebrate because the republican'ts are crumbling - Frist is probably going to be indited as well - majority leadership in both the house and senate going down. Bush is crumbling too and may well end up tied into the Valery Plame afair directley. Couple all this with the absolute cluster-fu*# that is the democratic party and it spells the possability we may actually move towards true Democracy is this country for the first time in nearly a century - that is what I celebrate.

I realy should slam the dems more than I do but they aren't in the leadership. Believe me, when Clinton tried to pass his anti-terror plan I actually for some reason started to respect members of the GOP for speaking out so strongly for liberty and quashing it - if only I had known. Add that they are as corrupt as the GOP and allow business to own our government just as badly as the republican'ts and I am just tired of them all and their fascist rule of our country.

If we were to elect people based soley on their ability and not on any party affiliation we would have a far more representative government. We might take more time getting legislation passed but that realy isn't such a bad thing. Haste got us the patriot act. Haste put us into Iraq without a plan. Haste got us the Terry Schiavo debacle. Haste is absolutely the most dangerous force in our legislature today. - Well, corporate money is also pretty dangerous too. . .

Beth said...

I don't think it matters how many parties there are, as long as candidates are being bought we will continue to have the problems we currently have!

Hoping for the leadership in our country to fail is like cutting off your nose to spite your face, don't you think? We should get on our knees and pray that whatever party is in leadership is the best and strongest one that we can have!

United we stand, divided, we fall, my friend.

DuWayne Brayton said...

I don't hope they will fail - they have. I want them to falter in their corruption and be exposed for what they are - criminals. I want to see Bush impeached, I want to see Rove in prison, I want to see DeLay in prison, I want to see Frist in prison, I want to see every bit of corruption rooted out of our government and corporate money rooted out of all political campaigns. I want to see our government beholden to it's people not big business.

Beth said...

Wow, DuWayne, you sound like the witch hunters who desperately wanted to bring either Clinton down!

I'm not sure of the answer to getting the big corporate greedy pigs out of politicians pockets, but bringing down one party ain't gonna do it. Americans need to somehow wake up and start demanding accountability from every politician!!

*sigh* I wish I did have a solution...

DuWayne Brayton said...

I actually felt the same way about Clinton. I wasn't one of the "witch hunters" in that I could give a damn about his sex life but he did a lot in office that pissed me off. I am in a sense on a witch hunt. I am viralently anti-corporate government and pro-democracy.

Beth said...

I wonder if you are still celebrating these days. There is another indicment but not the big fish yet. On the other hand, Alito may not make you very happy.

How are you doing these days, DuWayne?