Monday, March 13, 2006

It is amazing to me that with every step forward the moderate voices in this country are shouted down and told they are grasping, with no hope for success. The president sits at 36% while congress and the senate have been doing abysmally for nearly a year in the polls, not helped at all by a trickle of Abromoff fare. Yet they act as though they have a manadate from the people to drive this country into the ground. They have destroyed and crumpled everything they have touched - literaly. . .And yet they have the temarity to talk down Russ Fiengold, a true blue, standing strong fighter for the American people in the senate, for attempting to censure the president, the strongest statement a senator can make about a sitting president. (Only the house can impeach the president) This is a man who has stood by his convictions and what he believes all the way. He voted against the "Patriot" act, he voted against war in Iraq - he has, in short, stuck to his guns all the way. And these poor excuses for legislaters we have, would criticize him in any way for wishing to censure bush for the crime of spying on Americans without any lipservice to oversight. Of course the "republican" solution is to change the law and pretend it was that way all along - everythings forgiven misser prezden sah! Any way we can kiss your tush some moh?

If I hear anyone else tell me that I should support the democrats I will scream. These disgusting people are far more concerned about politics than the law. The fact that as of this afternoon 2 more senators had signed on is reprehensible. They all should have been coming strong from the get go on this. There is no question that the man some call president broke the law. Instead of trying to change the law and make it retroactively legal for him to have spied on Americans without oversight - the republicans should be impeaching him and removing him from office. Short of that the democrats should at least stop crapping their pants every time bush mentions terorrism. 67% of Americans finaly understand that this idiot has no interest in making us safer - he has not made us safer - he will always put profit before security. He will put tax breaks for the top .09% of the population before spending on our security - he doesn't bloody well care about anyone but the billionaires. The dems need to come out strong and demand a real investigation and acountability - they haven't and they don't seem to be inclined to.


Beth said...

DuWayne, you say of Russ Feingold "This is a man who has stood by his convictions and what he believes all the way." I happen to think the very same thoughts about President Bush.

DuWayne Brayton said...

Yes, but where Feingold and bush differ on that account is that A. Feingold is honest B. Feingold isn't an autocrat who craps on the constitution and C. Feingold believes that the people of this country are more important than corporations - and I mean all the people, not just billionaires.

Beth said...

First, how do you know with certainity that Feingold is honest, and how is it you think the President is not? Or that Feingold is not influenced by any corporation OR another special interest group, and give me examples of where President is.

Second, as far as I know, the Constitution is heavily guarded in Washington D.C. under glass, I highly doubt that even the President of the United States has actually crapped on it. ;-)

DuWayne Brayton said...

One great example of lies the president told is that they always get warrents before spying on Americans, that it is constitutional to do so - while he was in fact not getting warrents to do so. Another - he said that no one could have predicted the breach in the levees - they have video of him being briefed two days before Katrina hit that it was likely to breach the levees. He said that Hussein wasn't cooperating and allowing weapons inspectors on the ground in Iraq when they were on the ground in Iraq. He said Hussein was involved in 9/11 when he knew damn well he wasn't.

Bush has quashed legislation that would have secured our ports, saying it would be to costly to the companies shipping goods into the U.S. on more than one occasion. He has financed every campaign he's run with millions in corporate donations. He has fought legislation on every front that would in any way hold corporations accountable for anything they do - including sweeping tort "reform" that makes it virtualy impossible for injured employees or citizens to sue a company that causes them hartm. He has deregulated safety at every oppertunity and gave the oil companies (with their record profits) breaks on oil rights leases for oil pumped from public lands while increasing exponentialy the tax burden of the middle class. Need more examples?

Feingold has turned down every corporate donation offered him. He consistently (even as a republican in state lege) votes in a manner that shows a devotion to the people of, respectively, his state, and now the country as a whole. He has, apparently, (I get this from his constituants) admitted on more than one occasion when he has made mistakes - and apologized for them. And he has never made a promise to his const. that he didn't keep - except when new information would bear out that following that course would be wrong. I have yet to find anyone who knows anything about him - including his adversaries, who would claim he is in any way dishonest or otherwise lacking in integrity. Those who disagree with him respect him and quite a few vote for him not because they agree per say but because he is honest adn consistently reflects the will of the people whether he would like to or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Beth is one of the 39%ers! I've always wondered who they are! (No offense intended)

"If I hear anyone else tell me that I should support the democrats I will scream. "

Hi DuWayne -- I call them "Democretins" now. I'm right there with ya.

Where is the unity in the D party? Where? Feingold speaks -- they all run the other way. Murtha speaks -- they all run the other way.

Makes me sick. Why do we/would we vote for these fools? What good does it do us?

Anonymous said...

Such anger, DuWayne. Not becoming at all. I'm a Democrat, and a liberal one. I also happen to be a "39%er" as you all call the people who support the President. The current state of the Democrat disgusts me. No ideas, no vision, no nothing. The current state of the Republican party is almost as bad, and they seem to be run by the radicals in their party as well, which is why I stay a Democrat.