Friday, July 15, 2005

the world is fiction

look around - it's wrong it's right it's fucked
can't believe it don't want it won't have it that's enough

tell me - I'm wrong
try to convince me
write me a song
trying to split me

everybody singing - that same old song
making sure everybody knows why they are wrong

turn around
try to awake me
don't know how
cause your sleepin' sound

can't seem to turn my head without a mistake
tell me how much more of this shit can you take

come on down
everybody's sleeping
the parties going strong
close your eyes no peaking

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sorry, computer's having "issues"

I am sorry about not posting on Dem. Socialism yet. I will get that up asap. My roomates computer has been down and is still not quite right. It took me 13 minutes to get blogger to load. I will get it up as soon as the computer is functional. I have to reconstruct it when I can.