Wednesday, January 11, 2006


If I was a democrat - I wold never vote democrat again. These pansies seem to be afraid to spend the political capitol the Repubs gave them by default. They should be hammering Alito into a corner like you wouldn't believe and they aren't even trying to get him to talk. I'm sorry but if the man can't recall that many important aspects of his personal life then they should be asking him if his lack of memory may just be a problem to kep him from performing as a justice on the supreme court.

He can't remember what he put on his job application to the Reagan administration? Or is it that he was either lying then or now? He is inconsistent, he believes in quietly chipping away at our personal freedoms, he believes in expansive executive powers. He does not believe in the America that I grew up learning about in school, he believes in fascism, he believes in a federal imperial state.

This man is insidious in his demolition of the American way of life. He tells people what he thinks they want to hear so he can get a job. Where Roberts became expert at evading questions in hearing, Alito has perfected it. And the idiot democrats allow it. They should make ot clear to him that if he wants a chance to be confirmed he will bring clarity to these proceedings. They have the ability to stop him, some repubs would probably support them - but only if they demand he give them a reason. He is a liar or he is incompetent for the post.

The American people are looking for guidance out of the nightmarish hell this country is in. The democrats repeatedly refuse to provide it. Enough is enough - it is time to end this fiasco we try to call democracy in this country if we still can - it may well be too late. It is time to remove the corruption and those (both dems and repubs) who slowly chip away at our national heritage of freedom and bravery.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it either, DuWayne.

It's like we're living in Bizarro-world -- where everything is opposite to what it should be.

Nothing is making sense.

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